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What is Foresight?

A mobile & desktop system that connects mental health techs, nurses, clinicians, administrators, and utilization review teams with real-time data.

The effect is a collaborative team with complete information at their fingertips.


Foresight Benefits

Increase Quantity of Documentation

With Foresight, front-line staff can document behaviors in < 30 seconds. Our users report a 300% increase in documentation once they begin using Foresight.

Improve Quality of Documentation

Data entry is made easy for front-line staff who use button clicks and voice input. Narratives are automatically generated from the data to give you easy-to-read, accurate documentation.

Give better data to your Clinicians

Clinicians use Foresight to see a holistic story of your patients. Better information makes for better decisions and improves continuity of care between caregivers.

Monitor Staff Performance

Analyze staff performance to provide better accountability and targeted training. Reward your high-performers and use real data to encourage and support your entire team.

Alert Managers of Crisis Events

When crisis events occur, managers and administrators are alerted in real-time. Respond instantly and always be up-to-date with your front-line.

Give better data to your UR team

Foresight provides the substantiated medical necessity criteria that your UR specialists need to successfully reduce “unfunded days.” Documentation from front-line staff, managers, and clinicians is all accessible through the Foresight desktop application.

The benefits of using Foresight add up to better clinical performance, more engaged staff, and increased revenue.

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