Behavior support for each member of the care team.

Front-line caregivers, supervisors, administrators, and clinicians.
We support everyone on the team with the information and guidance they need to be most effective.

How do front-line caregivers use Foresight?

Front-line caregivers use Foresight on mobile devices to provide individualized behavior care for residents.

Personalized Information
View individualized care information for each resident, including strategies to address their specific behavioral needs.
Community of Care
Pick up right where the previous caregiver left off and see how residents have been doing throughout the day.
Quickly Document
Quickly and easily document behaviors, making them instantly accessible to supervisors and clinicians.

“What really helped with our rollout was the immediate buy-in from the front-line staff. Because the technology is so slick, they were really excited to be on it.”
MattSkilled Nursing, LCSW

Front-Line FAQ

How do managers and supervisors use Foresight?

Managers and supervisors use Foresight to monitor behaviors and interventions in real-time. Team leaders use their dashboard to track, report, and communicate about behaviors.

Real-Time Observations
Monitor and respond to everything in real-time. See behaviors and interventions as soon as they happen and document your follow-up.
Gain Awareness
Know your staff’s effectiveness, making accountability and training easier.
See Behavioral History
Generate reports automatically. Compile residents’ behavior history into an easy-to-read printable format.

“We got more behavioral information and insight out of a couple months of using Foresight than we did in 10 years of paper documentation”
TamiSkilled Nursing, NHA

Managers & Admins FAQ

How do behavior experts use Foresight?

Behavior experts use Foresight to be more effective by seeing observations, trends, and opportunities in real-time. Previously inaccessible data is now available when and where you need it.

Custom Reports
We create custom reports that help you answer your most important questions about resident behavior patterns and medication needs.
Close the Feedback Loop
Review observations made by staff members and provide notes to the team on specific residents.
Receive Alerts
Real-time alerts allow you to respond to high-priority events as they happen, helping reduce the need for medications and hospitalizations.
“After just one week using Foresight, I was able to adjust a patient’s medications in a way that avoided a hospitalization.”
MarkPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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