Goodbye, lack of


Hello, community

of care.


care at the

speed of

patient needs.

A small step

to sweeping


The Foresight app from VisibleHand provides real-time collaborative intelligence for behavioral care facilities. 

Empowering the frontline caregiver with an easy-to-use,

app-powered platform that helps them document, share and

implement resident data faster than it takes to send a tweet.

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Our behavior care

system is stuck

in reverse.

As our population is aging, so too are our processes. Lumbering record keeping systems have amplified the gap between doctor, staff and residents. Heavy, top-down forms of communication threaten to raise our costs while lowering our quality of care, putting our organizations at risk during a time of increased government regulation.


At VisibleHand, we believe that while the buck may stop at the top, meaningful value can be added from the bottom.


That’s why we’re committed to moving the industry from a status quo of observation to a future of participation, whereby everyone in the organization, from C-Level to CNA are charged with contributing information. And not just waiting on it.



We believe in a system that champions active engagement over passive interaction where caregivers aren’t just accountable to the chain of command, but to each other.

Today’s behavior care world is defined by

a failure to make best

use of resident data.

Here’s how we can help you make more optimal use of resident data.


Real-time data sharing and feedback

Empowering staff to log meaningful data about residents, and to receive
real-time analytics-based recommendations and feedback from
doctors to treat residents more proactively, individually and effectively.

Optimized care plans

Allowing clinicians to make better decisions based on better data,
reducing and improving the use of medication to treat behavior issues.

Simple, fluid engagements

Enabling better data collection, more impactful coaching
and instruction, and more meaningful engagement leading
to higher employee performance and retention.

Improved relationships and outcomes

Supporting more meaningful interactions between doctors, staff,
residents and families with better outcomes for all.

I’m interested

in learning more.

At VisibleHand, we believe small is mighty and that
systemic change starts with a ripple effect. We will contact
you shortly to see how we can help you take your first step.

“This is way easier than what we were doing before. I really like it.”