Meet Foresight, a behavioral healthcare delivery and tracking tool that people love to use.

FORESIGHT supports caregivers with complete, usable, real-time behavior data. With Foresight, you can develop, communicate, and track best practices for each resident while simplifying compliance across your communities in ways that have never before been possible.

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What would the impact be in YOUR community?


A 300% increase in documentation means that you can clearly see behavior patterns for individuals, communities, and organizations.


Improve staff member skills and engagement around resident-centered-care through real-time collaboration.


Foresight maintains Quality Assurance Privilege. Ensure your data is correct and complete, then easily export to your clinical documentation.


Prevent avoidable hospitalizations and reduce unnecessary medications. Improve 5-star rating and increase reimbursement.

"It's fantastic. I would have never had that data. Ever. It's giving me access to information at my fingertips. And that is amazing."
Lisa Skilled Nursing, LCSW
“We always lived in the gray with behavioral health. We never had a good way of tracking, monitoring, or making decisions for care and medication. Foresight allows things to be different. It supports the front line and allows the process to be objective. We were reactive, now we are proactive.”
Tami Skilled Nursing, NHA
"Adopting lots of software is a hard decision, but Foresight was a no brainer. It's so appealing because it let's CNAs who can hesitate to write descriptions easily enter observations."